Latest Release

Try it out! If you'd just like to try out the latest version of DSpace, visit  This demo installation provides a sandbox where you can try out DSpace at any account level, from administrator to depositor. Login details are available on the homepage of either the XMLUI or JSPUI of this sandbox instance.

DSpace 5.1 can be downloaded from the files area in SourceForge (Zip) or via GitHub (dspace-5.1 tag).  Release Notes are available at DSpace 5.x Release Notes.

DSpace 5.1 is a security and bug fix release to the 5.x platform. It also provides an easier upgrade process from any prior version of DSpace (1.x.x, 3.x or 4.x).

5.1 Security and Bug Fixes

The 5.1 Release provides several security fixes to both the XMLUI and JSPUI. These security fixes have also been backported to a 3.4 release (available from SourceForge or GitHub) and a 4.3 release (available from SourceForge or GitHub).

The security fixes include:

  • [High Severity] XMLUI (since version 1.5.2) was vulnerable to full path/directory traversal attacks
  • [Medium Severity] JSPUI (all versions) was vulnerable to limited path/directory traversal attacks
  • [Low Severity] JSPUI (since version 1.5.x) was vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS injection) attacks in Recent Submissions.
  • [Low Severity] JSPUI (since version 3.x) was vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS injection) attacks in Discovery Search Results.

We recommend that all DSpace users consider upgrading to 3.4, 4.3 or 5.1 to ensure their DSpace site is secure.

Much more information on these security vulnerabilities is available in the DSpace 5.x Release Notes.  DSpace 5.1 also resolves several minor bugs in the 5.x platform.

5.x New Features and Improvements




For much more information on each of these features or improvements, please visit our 5.x Release Notes.

A detailed list of all changes in this release is also available in the 5.x Version History section of the online DSpace 5.x Documentation.


Latest online DSpace Documentation

Other Documentation:


The DSpace application would not exist without the hard work and support of the community. Thank you to the many developers who have worked very hard to deliver all the new features and improvements. Also thanks to the users who provided input and feedback on the development, as well those who participated in the testathons.

We especially would like to thank the 5.x Release Team: Peter Dietz from Longsight, Hardy Pottinger from University of Missouri Library Systems, Ivan Masár, Mark Wood from IUPUI, Robin Taylor from University of Edinburgh, and Pascal-Nicolas Becker from Technische Universität Berlin

A detailed listing of all known people/institutions who contributed directly to DSpace 5.x is available in the Release Notes. (If you contributed and were accidentally not listed, please let us know so that we can correct it!)

For DSpace 5.0, we had a total of 56 individuals contribute code, bug reports, and bug fixes. A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated. We hope you'll continue to be a valuable addition to the DSpace community for the next release and beyond!



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