Free open source software

The DSpace open source platform is available for free to anyone and can be downloaded from GitHub. The code is currently licensed under the BSD open source license. This means that any organization can use, modify, and even integrate the code into their commercial application without paying any licensing fees. Of course, we hope if you improve upon the software, you will contribute that code back to the community for everyone's benefit. Today there are more than 100 contributors around the world contributing code, bug fixes, etc.  DSpace software is managed by a smaller group of volunteer developers (called committers) that work together to plan releases and integrate new features and bug fixes submitted by the community.  See our DSpace Contributor Listing for a full list of all known contributors to the platform.

Compare DSpace software to other open source solutions to see if it best fits your needs. Here is a comparison of DSpace software to other open source repository platforms done by the Repositories Support Project, a JISC-funded initiative from the United Kingdom.